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New Pdf Comics

New Pdf Comics
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Witch Hunt! - 12/10/09

Imaginary Title 18 USC section 2257 compliance

No imaginary persons were imagined to be under the imaginary age of 18 at the time I imagined them and drew them with my pencil. We are imagining that these imaginary girls provided us with imaginary documents prior to being imagined. Our imaginary custodian of imaginary records is imagined to be Marvin the Martian, c/o Toon World, Mars, planet Sol # 4, Sol star system, Outer Spiral Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Just because I imagine all sorts of cool shit he could do with that funky scrub brush on his head. All verification of imaginary documentation for my imaginary 'toon girls should be imagined to be under his imaginary control and possession. No actual girls were in any way used in the production of these images. No photos were taken, no models were hired. All of the girls depicted herein are solely figments of my personal imagination and fantasies from within my own mind, as are the imaginary stories and graphic imaginary sex acts they are imagined to engage in. No real girls were involved in orharmed by the production of this material, though I did imagine some pretty wild shit to do to my non-existant imaginary 'toon girls, but as far as I read the Constitution, imagination is not yet illegal in any way.
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